Human trafficking in India, although illegal under Indian law, remains a significant problem. People are frequently illegally trafficked through India for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced/bonded labor. Research has estimated this problem affects 20 to 65 million Indians. Women and girls are trafficked within the country for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage, forced labor as factory workers, domestic servants, beggars, and agriculture workers, and have been used as armed combatants by some terrorist and insurgent groups.

In some cases, Indian women are trafficked to the Middle East for commercial sexual exploitation. Indian migrants who migrate willingly every year to the Middle East and Europe for work as domestic servants and low-skilled laborers may also end up part of the human trafficking industry.

Fight Poverty now works with an organization established in India to purchase trafficked women and girls freedom and helps them get back on their feet. Every $300 donation is enough to provide the freedom, housing, and education for one person.


Colombia, also known for it’s beautiful country with a landscape marked by rainforests, Andes mountains, numerous coffee plantations, and 3500 years of history with lively art that covers a wide range of media and styles. However, poverty in Columbia remains a problem. 50 years of internal economic conflict along with a rise in population and unemployment rates have left over 30% of families without proper housing an estimate of More than 12.7 million people in Colombia live on less than $2 a day.

As a form of creating sustainable income revenue Fight Poverty NOW encourages independent business practice. A form of support in the vibrant country, our member  for parents and financing education for children and adolescents who are seeking a better style of living. Every purchase of our vibrant bracelets and your subscription will create sustainable businesses and a proper education.  


One of the richest in history and culture, plantation, many assets make Mexico a popular tourist destination. While many vacationers don’t reach the inner parts of this beautiful country. Over 60% in the overpopulated country live day to day with no promise of what tomorrow will bring. 

Unlike the united states, Mexico is a country where education does not come at a low price. Since Mexico along with many Latin american countries the rich get an education while the poor remain uneducated and are forced to work at a young age. 

Fight Poverty Now’s Focus is on creating sustainable jobs for parents and financing education for children and adolescents who are seeking a better style of living.


In Kenya, We work closely with our partner schools and community leaders to deliver 21st century skills to youth whom, without this program, would have little opportunity to overcome endemic barriers. Teaching our three-pronged approach—Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship Skills and Personal Development— equips our young people with tools they need to plan and achieve a successful future.